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Baseball at Chepachet Old Home Day Celebrations

AUGUST 25, 1910:

Wilfred Ducharme, pitcher
Fred Marsailles, catcher
Oscar Ducharme, first base
Thomas Steere, second base
Charles Seifert, short stop
William Madigan, third base
Frank Greenhalgh, left field
Harry Sisson, center field
Charlie Phetteplace, right field

Almas Angell, pitcher
Joseph Mahar, catcher
William Reilley, first base
James Cahill, second base
Lester Hill, short stop
Joseph Ducharme, third base
Ernest Jones, left field
Thomas McDermott, center field
Mark Conerly, right field

Dolphis Ducharme of Chepachet

The Pascoag nine played at early Old Home Days. From an old scrapbook.

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Pascoag's Base Ball Team
by John Finegan

If you're a lover of baseball,
   Just take a walk with me;
It will only cost you fifteen cents
   An exciting game to see,
For there is not a team within the State
   But the Pascoag boys can down;
I tell you, they're a credit
   Unto this Burrillville town.

That is Feen, the pitcher,
   In yonder boy he stands;
Watch him, how he twirls the ball
   He throws with his left hand.
The in and out, the up and down,
   And some of his designs;
There are none of them can hit him,
   Though they make some awful winds.

That is the little catcher;
   He holds them like a man;
I tell you he's a dandy;
   Just watch him how he stands;
He stands up straight, so near the plate
   That he is sure to get them all;
I never saw him drop one yet;
   He always holds the ball.

That fellow's name is Coffey,
   And he can play the part
No matter how they throw the ball
   He is always on the mark.
That is what I would call
   The right man in the right place;
You see that he is tricky,
   And he always played first base.

To Billy Reynolds, second baseman,
   Your attention I must draw;
I think that he is the best one
   That I have ever saw;
He always has some scheme come up
   To baffle the runner on his route;
I don't know how he does it,
   But he always gets them out.

The third baseman is from college,
   So the people say,
But no matter what he studied,
   He learned how to play.
I am very sorry
   His name I do not know,
But you must give him credit
   For the way that he does throw.

Now for the little shortstop—
   Sherlock is his name;
The people say that he's too fat,
   But he gets there just the same,
And when he gets in batting,
   Some poor fielder has to run
And try to find the lost ball
   That he knocked to kingdom come.

Now for the three outfielders;
   In the right place they are always found,
And if there is a fly knocked,
   It never sees the ground;
They throw it to some baseman,
   In their powerful way,
And it is always sure to be in time
   To make a double play.

Now before I drop my pen
   Or these few verses seal,
I'll give credit to the manager,
   Whose name is Tom O'Neil;
I am sure that he deserves it
   For the interest he did take
In getting Feen, the pitcher,
The champion of the state.


John Finegan
Mapleville, Rhode Island

Found in an old scrapbook
Probably written between 1890 and 1910.

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