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Special Pastor Message


A Word of Encouragement during These Troubling Times

The "Social Distancing" orders are in place for Rhode Island and Massachusetts . I understand why this is necessary but find it disheartening. I pray daily for the well-being of all, an end to the dying from Coronavirus, and a return to a more normal life. Until that happens, I like many others experience periods of frustration, loneliness, worry, and discouragement.

When that happens I take out my Bible and start reading. Lately, a "go to" section has been Romans 5: 1-8. This passage reminds us Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay the price for our sins and make us right with God. When we turn to God we find that God is there waiting for us to give to us forgiveness for any wrongs we have done (be they large or small), and a deep feeling of hope and peace that is unlike any we may try to achieve on our own. We know that whatever happens – be it trouble, suffering, worry or pain – God will be with us and help us through it. God will give us the strength, endurance, patience and trust to hold on to our hope until God opens the way for us to a better tomorrow.

I know this is true – God has done this again and again for me. God holds your future and mine in his hands and wants only good for us.  Be assured I am praying for you and your needs. If you want to talk with me, either e-mail me at or phone me at (401) 568-4412.

May God bless you,
Pastor Ethel Corbin

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